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Health Clearances & Immunization Requirements

May 18, 2023: COVID-19 Policy Update

On May 16, 2023, the University of California announced revisions to the UC COVID-19 vaccine policy in light of changes to state and federal COVID-19 public health guidance and the end of the federal Public Health Emergency on May 11, 2023. For detailed information regarding the revisions to the University's COVID-19 policy, please visit the UCIForward website. The full text of UCI's most recent message regarding these changes can be found here

Effective immediately:

  • The University will require students to either receive or affirmatively decline a COVID-19 vaccination each year.
  • Students will no longer be required to submit documentation of a COVID-19 primary series or submit and receive an approved medical or religious exception, or disability deferral to be present on campus.

COVID vaccines and vaccine booster shots are available at UCI Student Health Center. Call 949-824-5304 to schedule an appointment (Available for Students Only). For inquiries regarding availability of COVID vaccines and booster shots and other relevant information, please contact UCI's Student Health Center at 949-824-5301 or by email at shc-immunization@uci.edu. Another excellent resource for information regarding COVID policy, University directives, public health guidances, availabilty of vaccines within the community (other than SHC) and other useful information is UCI's Contact Tracing and Navigation Services unit. CTVNS may be reached at 949-824-2300 or contacttracing@uci.edu.

Below is a document that includes a list of Selected Countries to help you find the COVID-19 vaccine that you may have already received. Please refer to the World Health Organization (“WHO”) list to find your COVID-19 vaccine, and if it has been APPROVED. You'll need to upload your vaccination record (translated to English) to the Student Health Patient Portal. See upload instructions above and a video here >>> https://youtu.be/wvBGeRqIMHc. If you see that your vaccine HAS NOT yet been approved by “WHO”, you may be required to receive an approved COVID-19 vaccine and upload those records to meet UC campus policy and requirements. Many US Airports are now providing COVID-19 vaccine on-site. Included in the document below is a list of several California Airports at which you may be arriving and where you may receive a vaccine IMMEDIATELY upon your entry into the U.S. For additional resources and the most up-to-date information, please visit the section dedicated to International students on the UCIForward website regularly.

International COVID-19 Vaccine List

Weekly COVID-19 testing is no longer mandatory for non-vaccinated students living, learning and/or working on campus including students who received an approved exemption, exception or deferral. Students can pick up rapid antigen at-home test kits free of charge at several locations on campus. For detailed information including locations where free at-home antigen test kits can be obtained on campus, please visit the Student Testing webpage on the UCIForward website.  


Please visit the flu vaccination webpage here for detailed information regarding the University's Flu vaccination policy and requirements.  

Notice to Incoming Students: TB Screening and Immunizations Mandate ("4+Vax")

The compliance deadline for the TB Screening and Immunizations mandate for students entering UCI is the first date of instruction for any given term. For Fall Quarter 2023, the deadline date is September 28, 2023. Academic holds will be applied to non-compliant students preventing enrollment in Winter Quarter 2024 classes (Spring Semester 2024 classes for Law students).  Please note that the University's policy regarding COVID-19 primary and booster vaccinations has been revised effective May 16, 2023.  Please visit the UCIForward website for detailed information. 

For step-by-step instructions on how to upload your immunization records, enter your vaccine dates and complete the TB Risk Screening Form on the  Student Health Patient Portal, click here >>> Student Vaccination Record Upload Instructions

  •  International Students: If one or more of the vaccines are unavailable in your home country (or country of current residence) and you will not be traveling to the United States to attend UCI in-person during the Fall term, please complete all other steps necessary to comply with the incoming student mandate. Notify the Student Health Center regarding which vaccine or vaccines are unavailable to you by sending a secure message through the Student Health Patient Portal to "New Student Immunization Requirement". A temporary exemption will be granted until such time that the vaccine is available in your home country or until such time that you arrive at UCI for any subsequent term. Academic holds will not be applied if the student has received an exemption.

  • To obtain any required vaccines, including flu vaccine, and/or TB testing at Student Health Center, appointments are required. Students are encouraged to make an appointment online at the Student Health Patient Portal or call the SHC appointment line at 949-824-5304. COVID vaccines and boosters are available at SHC. However, appointments for COVID vaccinations and boosters can only be made by telephone at this time. Call 949-824-5304 to make an appointment.

  • Students must complete the TB Risk Screening Form online via the Student Health Patient Portal prior to their appointments. 

  • Students have other options for obtaining their COVID-19, flu and other immunization vaccines including CVS, Rite-Aid, Walgreen's, Costco, Savon, Walmart and other in-network outside pharmacies and clinics. Pharmacies do not perform TB testing (e.g., titers). COVID-19 vaccines may be available at community sites. Visit UCIForward for detailed information.

  • If you require a TB blood test (e.g., T-Spot or Quantiferon Gold), you may submit a request online through the Student Health Patient Portal. Click on "Messages" on the left navigation bar and follow the prompts to compose and send a secure message to SHC. Select the option: Order a Tuberculosis (TB) blood test (T-Spot) at the Lab. This type of TB test requires only one visit for the blood draw.  A lab order will be created and then you will be notified via secure message to call SHC at 949-824-5304 to schedule a lab appointment for the TB blood test.

  • Students who obtain their immunizations from an outside pharmacy or clinic are still required to enter their immunization dates and upload their records online via the Student Health Patient Portal . TB test results, if applicable, must also be uploaded. DO NOT mail, fax or deliver hard copies of your immunization or TB records to SHC as they will not be accepted. Students remain non-compliant if they have not uploaded their records; entered their vaccine dates; and/or completed the TB Risk Screening form on the portal. 

  • For students on UC SHIP:

    • No referral is needed if you obtain immunizations at one of these pharmacies. 

    • A referral is needed if you wish to obtain your immunizations or TB testing at an outside clinic other than Student Health Center (SHC). Please note that, as one common example, many CVS pharmacies have a "Minute Clinic" affiliated with the pharmacy.  Vaccines (or other services) administered by this and similar clinics, rather than by the affiliated pharmacy itself, require a referral from SHC.

  • To obtain a referral to an outside clinic in order to obtain your immunizations and/or TB testing, please contact the SHC Insurance Services department at 949-824-2388 or by email at shc-insurance@uci.edu.

  • A list of in-network pharmacies and outside clinics that students can utilize for obtaining their immunizations is shown below. Please visit this page regularly for updated information.

Who: All new, incoming UCI students 

What: Health Clearance and Immunization Requirements 

When: To obtain any required vaccines or other non-mandatory vaccinations and/or TB testing at Student Health Center, appointments are required. Students are encouraged to make an appointment online at the Student Health Patient Portal or call the SHC appointment line at 949-824-5304. Compliance deadlines can be found here. For COVID-19 vaccinations/boosters, appointments can only be made by telephone at this time: 949-824-5304. 


 Student Health Center (building 5 on campus map) or at PDF iconIn-Network Outside Pharmacies and Clinics . Outside pharmacies do not perform TB testing (e.g., titers). See note at top of this webpage regarding on-campus vaccination clinics that are also available during the Fall term.


 To assist new, incoming UCI students in meeting all of their TB screening and immunization requirements. 

Cost for Incoming Student TB Testing and Immunizations:  For students on UC SHIP, vaccines and TB testing are covered 100%. There is no office visit copay or coinsurance required. For students who have health insurance coverage through another plan (i.e. non-SHIP), the fees for TB testing and immunizations performed at SHC can be found here. Fees will be transferred to and paid directly through your campus billing account. Non-SHIP students may submit claims to their insurance carrier directly in an effort to receive reimbursement of their fees.


Deadline:  Compliance deadlines can be found here. The compliance deadline date for TB Screening and the "4+Vax" Immunization requirements for incoming students is the first date of instruction for the term in which they are entering UCI. To avoid the placement of an academic hold, please comply with all immunization requirements as soon as possible and read/follow all instructions provided.