Health Clearance & Immunization Fairs

Note to Fall 2019 Incoming Students: The Health Clearance & Immunization Fair dates for Fall 2019 have not been finalized. These dates will be published soon. Visit the Student Health Center website regularly to obtain updated information.

Who: All new, incoming UCI students

What: Health Clearance & Immunization Fairs


 To be determined


 Student Health Center (building 5 on campus map)


New, incoming UCI students can receive all of their required vaccines/titers to meet the UC mandated TB/Immunization requirements at the Student Health Center's Health Clearance & Immunization Fairs.

Deadline: The deadline to complete your TB screening and immunization requirements is Friday, October 25th, 2019 for incoming undergraduate and graduate students and Friday, September 20th, 2019 for incoming Law students. If you haven't completed these requirements by the deadline date, an academic hold (Type 2) will be placed onto your record by SHC and you will be unable to enroll in Winter Quarter (or Spring Semester) classes. Students are encouraged to contact the Student Health Center at 949-824-5304 to make an appointment before the deadline dates to obtain any required vaccines and/or TB testing. However, students are expected and strongly encouraged to complete these requirements PRIOR to arrival on campus.