UC SHIP Waiver Appeal or Reversal

Appealing a Waiver Denial

If your waiver application has been denied due to inaccurate or incomplete information or because your existing health insurance does not meet all of the waiver criteria, you may complete and submit an Appeal of Waiver Denial Form including supporting documents, to the SHC Insurance Services department. The deadline to submit the waiver appeal form is 10 business days from the date of your waiver denial. Appeals received beyond the deadline date will not be considered. As supporting documentation, please do not send your entire plan booklet. Please send a summary of benefits only and a copy of the front and back of your health insurance ID card.

Reversing A Waiver

If you have waived UC SHIP enrollment and wish to reverse your waiver, you can fill out a Waiver Reversal Form and submit the completed form to SHC Insurance Services department. A waiver reversal can only be requested up to ninety (90) days following the start of the coverage period that applies to the current academic term. In addition, a Waiver Reversal can be requested only ONCE per academic year unless the request is as a result of a qualifying life event (QLE). Once approved, the student will have UC SHIP coverage for the remainder of the academic year and will be unable to waive out again until the waiver period for the following academic year. Also, if you lose your health insurance coverage between terms, you may purchase UC SHIP. However, UC SHIP fees are not prorated and you must pay the total UC SHIP fee for the term regardless of when your UC SHIP coverage takes effect during the term.

An official Letter of Termination/Loss of Coverage from your previous health insurance carrier must be submitted to the SHC Insurance Services department to initiate the enrollment process. Your effective date of coverage will be the day following completion of the waiver reversal form and documentation of your loss of coverage. UC SHIP policy states that students who waive UC SHIP must notify the Student Health Center no later than 30 days following the date that the student lost the health insurance coverage that they used to waive out of UC SHIP. If the student has no other coverage, then they will be enrolled in UC SHIP at that time and pay the premium for the entire term. Maintaining health care insurance at all times that meets UC's waiver criteria is a non-academic condition of enrollment at UC.