Health Clearance Non-Compliance

Students found to be Non-compliant with the health clearance requirements may be placed on a registration hold which will prevent them from registering for classes the following quarter.

Click here for a STEP-by-STEP review of why you are Non-Compliant:


See below for our most common IMMUNIZATION COMPLIANCE FAQ’s


  1. I don’t know how to upload my records through the Student Health Portal?
  2. Do I need to get the COVID vaccine to be COMPLIANT this year?
    • To comply with the UC Policy, students, staff, and faculty need to have the COVID-19 Vaccine. All previously received COVID-19 vaccines received prior to Sept 13th 2023 do not qualify, and your status will be seen as Not Compliant”.
    • Click here for resources on "Where to Get Your Vaccines"
  3. I submitted my COVID Declination Letter, why am I still “Not Compliant”?
    • Our vaccine compliance system is being updated and it may not immediately register your recently submitted Declination Letter; it may still read as Not Compliant”. 
    • Ensure that you entered the DATE of your submission, as this should grant an automatic compliance.
  4. I am an International Student; how shall I enter my records?
  5. I’m confused about TB Testing. What should I do?