Clinical Chaperone Policy


It is the policy of the UCI Student Health Center to provide and utilize trained and independent chaperones for sensitive examinations and procedures, and when requested for non-sensitive examinations and care.


To provide a standard process to protect patients, providers, and staff from abuse or allegations of abuse. All medical consultations, examinations, or procedures have the potential to be distressing to patients. Patients may find examinations involving the genitals or rectum in all individuals, or breasts in females particularly intrusive. Having trained health care professionals serve as chaperones during sensitive examinations or any time the patient, legal guardian, or provider requests assistance, protects both our patients and health care providers.


 This policy applies to all UCI Student Health Center patients and clinical staff.

Reporting Discrimination, Sexual Violence or Sexual Harassment

To learn more about how to report discrimination, sexual violence and sexual harassment and the resources available to you, please visit here