Meet Our Staff


  • J. Patrick Haines
    Executive Director

  • Albert Chang, MD
    Medical Director
    Pediatrics and Preventative Care

  • Chuck Adams
    Administrative Director

  • Brigette Lao, RN, MA
    Clinical Nurse Manager

  • Stephen Bennett
    Senior Manager, Budget & Finance

  • Matthew Mallari
    Manager of Support Services

  • Marshall Sum
    Principal Analyst, Healthcare and Business Analytics

  • Martina Garza
    Credentialing & Quality Analyst

  • Lillian Lawrence
    Administrative Specialist

  • Tim White
    Coordinator, Purchasing & Administration

  • Position Currently Vacant
    Manager of Credentialing, Quality & Compliance

  • Arnulfo "Noli" Baldoz
    Administrative Analyst, Budget and Finance

  • Annie Nguyen
    Personnel and Payroll Analyst


  • Nader Bigdeli
    Clinical Laboratory Manager

  • Marilena Pinto
    Dental Practice Manager

  • Jean Deakyne
    Manager, Front Office & Health Information

  • John Shioya, Pharm.D.
    Pharmacy Manager

  • Giani Sek
    Manager, Insurance and Billing Services

  • Sandy Yang
    Supervisor, Insurance Services

General Medical Clinic

  • Albert Chang, MD
    Medical Director
    Pediatrics and Preventative Care

  • Rebecca Rootlieb, MD
    Senior Lead Physician
    Family Medicine

  • George Huang, DO
    Lead Physician, Ancillary Services
    Family Medicine

  • Christina Fingal, DO
    Family Medicine

  • Kathleen Gallagher, MD
    Family Medicine

  • Catherine Cummins, MD
    Family Medicine

  • Shirley Contreras, MD
    Internal Medicine

  • Miki Csintalan, MD
    Internal Medicine

  • Henry Tsai, MD
    Internal Medicine and Sports Medicine

  • Hien Nghiem, MD
    Family and Sports Medicine

  • Shirley Gray
    Physician Assistant
    General Medicine

  • Khanh Nguyen
    Physician Assistant
    General Medicine

  • Erin Baker, CFNP, MSN
    Family Medicine

  • Beth Haney, NP
    Family Medicine

  • Brian F. Haskins, DO
    Family Medicine

  • Carlos Arguedas, MD
    Internal Medicine

  • Sarah Campbell, FNP-C, MSN
    Family Medicine


  • Melany A. Meier, DC

Clinical Social Work

  • Iliana Arias, LCSW


  • Lucille Lemus, MD


  • Douglas Nguyen, MD


  • Simon Madorsky, MD


  • Carlos Prietto, MD


Women's Health

Nutritional Services

Ancillary Services

  • Barbara Chan, PharmD
    Staff Pharmacist

Dental Clinic