Patient's Rights and Responsibilities

The Student Health Center staff is pleased to work with you and to assist you in the maintenance of good health. We are available to advise you on how to stay healthy and to assist you when you are ill or injured. Our joint efforts can be maximized if you understand what your rights are. The following brochures provide a summary of the patient rights and responsibilities at the Student Health Center.

UCI Student Health Center Policy Regarding Service and Emotional Support Animals

Remember: Your health is a shared responsibility between you and us. Let us be good partners in this endeavor. Being a good health consumer does not mean being a silent partner in your health concerns.

  • When you have a question: ASK
  • When you have a problem: SPEAK UP
  • When you like something at Student Health: TELL US
  • When you do not like what happens: INFORM US
  • If you feel your rights have not been respected: ALERT US

Please use the Student Health Center's Service Issue Form to notify us of any service related complaint, compliment, question or concern. You may complete and submit this form anonymously if that is your preference. Completed forms can be mailed or fax'd to the SHC at the address or fax # noted below, or dropped in the designated Service Issue box in the lobby of the SHC. DO NOT EMAIL this form as it may contain protected personal and/or health information.

501 Student Health
Irvine, California 92697-5200
Attn: Credentialing, Quality and Compliance Dept.
Tel: (949) 824-5301
Fax: (949) 824-1378