The mission of our Pharmacy is service. Our Service Directive is to provide students and patients with individualized, comprehensive, accurate, convenient and professional pharmacy products and therapeutic drug counseling. This is provided to you at competitive, discounted pricing backed by the major purchasing power of the entire University of California system.

As part of our comprehensive service orientation, we are the only Student Health Pharmacy in the UC system that is set up to process major pharmacy insurance cards. We welcome patrons with the GSHIP, USHIP or most other pharmacy insurance plans, as well as patrons with prescriptions from the Gottschalk Medical Plaza, the UC Irvine Medical Center, and all licensed health care practitioners, as long as the patient is a student, faculty or staff, or one of their dependents.

How To Get Your Prescriptions Filled

Prescriptions written by Student Health Center staff or your personal physician may be filled at the Student Health Pharmacy and our prices are usually lower than the commercial pharmacies. Note: Since prescription renewals (birth control pills, antihistamines, etc.) may require medical review, an appointment with the Medical Clinic may be necessary. Please plan ahead so that you will not let your medicine run out.

Although we do carry a comprehensive stock of pharmaceuticals, there may be times when a prescribed item will not be on our shelves. In most of these instances, we can procure the item the very next morning. If you are on routine medications, you may contact us to stock the item for your next purchase. We can transfer most prescriptions from any other pharmacy in the country. All we need is that pharmacy's telephone number, as well as your prescription number. Usually at the bottom of your prescription label the pharmacy will indicate the number of refills remaining. If it indicates that you have "0" or "N" refills, and you know that your physician wants you to continue with the medication, we can call your physician's office to verify additional refills. Please give us a few days to accomplish this as many physician offices have a 24 to 48 hour response time to review your medical records and to verify refills with your physician.

Note to International Students: Unfortunately, prescriptions from other countries cannot be transferred to the UCI SHC Pharmacy since we do not have the ability to verify the credentials of the prescribing provider. In addition, medications may be marketed in other countries that are not available in the U.S. You will need to schedule an appointment with a SHC primary care provider to discuss your health history; the reason for the medication(s) and to obtain a new prescription if appropriate.

Online Prescription Refill Request

Requests for prescription refills may be submitted online via the Student Health Patient Portal. Prescriptions are typically ready within 24 hours following submittal of the request unless the medication is not in stock and needs to be ordered. In certain instances, the SHC pharmacist will contact you by secure message regarding your refill request (e.g., if no more refills are available; if the prescription has expired; if SHC Pharmacy needs the fax # for a non-SHC provider; or if there is no medication on file).

Over-The-Counter Products

SHC Pharmacy does carry a limited stock of over-the-counter (OTC) pharmaceutical products. Since service to our customers is one of our primary pharmacy directives, we will always attempt to adjust product availability. For a current list of Over-the-Counter products available at SHC Pharmacy and related prices, see Fees for Common Services. The list of products and related prices are subject to change without notice.

Medication Education Program

The University of California Office of the President, in partnership with the UC San Diego Skaggs School of Pharmacy, has developed a Medication Education Program for students across all UC campuses. This is an excellent resource for information about the safe and responsible use of medicine. The site also provides reliable resources for further information. Remember to always ask your pharmacist or health care provider for specific information about your condition, medication needs or treatment. Please visit for additional information.