Medical Records and Health Information

Retention of Medical Records

The Student Health Center retains patient medical records for a minimum of ten (10) years from the date of last visit. Active records are on file at the Student Health Center. Records of patients whose most recent visit is more than five (5) years from the current year are maintained in an off-site storage facility.

Requesting Copies of Medical Records

Requests for copies of medical records must be in writing and should be made in advance of the time or date on which you need them. A reasonable, cost-based fee may apply. Applicable fees must be paid in advance before records are released.

  • To obtain a copy of your medical record for yourself, a medical facility, another healthcare provider, attorney, insurance company, or any other party, please download, print, complete and sign an Authorization for Release of Health Information and return it to the Student Health Center in person, by fax or by mail.
  • Please note that it is Student Health Center and University policy, in accordance with CDC guidelines, that all HIV test results are reported to the recipient in person before the records may be released via phone, mail, or fax.
  • If a lab test or x-ray is ordered by an outside provider (i.e., a non-SHC provider) and the test is performed at Student Health Center’s Clinical Lab or Radiology department, the results are sent immediately to the outside ordering provider. Requests for copies of these lab results or x-ray studies should be made directly to the respective department:
    Clinical Lab: 949-824-6361 | Radiology: 949-824-5812
  • Medical Record Processing Time
    All requests for copies of medical records are processed in the order that they are received. Most requests for active records are completed within 1-2 days of receipt. Requests for inactive records will take longer as they must be retrieved from our off-site storage facility.

Charges for Medical Record Services

  • Copies of medical records will be sent to another healthcare provider free of charge.
  • A fee of $30 will be charged for requests from attorneys, insurance carriers or other third parties.
  • Next day retrieval or rush requests will be assessed at a higher rate.
  • Payment may be made in person at Student Health Center in the form of cash, check, or credit card. If you are not able to pay in person, payment may be sent by check with your record request or by telephone with credit card. Please do not send cash. Copies of records will not be released nor will inactive records be requested from off-site storage until payment has been received and confirmed.


All patient information is confidential and protected by privacy laws. Information from your records will not be released to anyone without your written authorization, except as required by law. Our Notice of Privacy Practices describes how medical information about you may be used and your rights as a patient.

Additional Information

For more information, please review the Medical Records section of the FAQs.

For help in completing Medical Record/Health Information authorization forms or any other questions, please contact the Student Health Center’s Medical Correspondence Desk at 949‑824‑9634.