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The deadline for Fall incoming students to comply with the UC TB/Immunizations mandate has passed (October 25th). Non-compliant students will have academic holds applied effective November 11th. To have your academic hold released, you must comply with these requirements.

For step-by-step instructions on how to upload your immunization records, enter your vaccine dates and complete the TB Risk Screening Form on the Student Health Patient Portal, click here >>> Imms TB Completion Process 2019

Appointments at Student Health Center are limited. If you’re unable to schedule an appointment at Student Health Center, you have other options. You can obtain immunizations at local pharmacies, outside clinics or urgent care centers. REMINDER: You are still considered non-compliant until you enter your vaccine dates; upload your vaccine record(s); and/or complete the TB Risk Screening Form on your SHC patient portal. For more information, click here >>> LEARN MORE

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