Scheduling an Appointment

To schedule an appointment for your initial or follow-up evaluation, please call (949) 824-5304.

Because we want to provide you with safe and comprehensive care, our schedulers will ask you some basic questions when you call or walk-in to schedule your first appointment. All of our staff are trained in applicable federal and state statutes and University policies and procedures related to maintaining confidentiality and respecting and protecting the privacy of your health information.

Our priority is to continue treatment with our established and active patients. To help with this, we have support staff who will regularly contact you to help you schedule your appointments as recommended by your doctor.

Preferred Methods of Communication

Most of our important communication will be done with you in person, by phone, or regular mail. Please always keep your contact information updated for safety reasons. On occasion, we will use the Student Health Patient Portal, a secure online portal within your electronic health record, to reach you. Please do not use regular email, video, photo, or text, as these do not protect your personal privacy nor the privacy and confidentiality of your health information. You are not permitted to photograph or record your appointments. 


Treatment works best when you are actively engaged in your care. Sometimes unexpected challenges arise, and you may need to be seen more frequently. It is important for everyone to make and keep their appointments, or to cancel and reschedule with enough advance notice. That way, we can help other students who have unexpected difficulties. This is why there is a late-cancel or missed appointment "no show" fee.

Using SHIP for Mental Health Services in the Community

On occasion, our service will become so full with existing patients that we need to temporarily close to new patients. We don't like when this happens, but the good news is that there are doctors and therapy providers off campus who accept SHIP. Occasionally, patients have particular needs that may benefit from providers outside of Student Health Center. If our service is closed to new patients temporarily, the SHC Insurance Services staff can assist you with obtaining a referral to a community mental health provider if a referral is required by your SHIP plan. Refer to the Health Insurance page for information regarding current referral requirements for mental health treatment.