General Information

The UC Irvine Student Health Center is a comprehensive outpatient clinic staffed with licensed primary care physicians, dentists, physician assistants, registered nurse practitioners, and registered nurses. Medical specialists from various disciplines including dermatology, orthopedics/sports medicine, gynecology, internal medicine, ENT, and psychiatry provide on-site consultation on a regular basis.

Student Health also offers basic radiology and clinical laboratory services, insurance consultation, and an on-site pharmacy, making SHC a comprehensive and convenient clinic dedicated to serving students.

SHC provides medical, mental health and wellness services to all registered UC Irvine students regardless of insurance coverage. Most services are provided through scheduled appointments. However, walk-in and same day appointments for more urgent needs are also available.

All registered students are automatically enrolled in the UC Student Health Insurance Plan. If you have comparable insurance and do not want to be enrolled in UC SHIP, you must complete the waiver by the stated deadlines. All SHCS resources and services are still available to students who have waived SHIP, and there are no hidden fees for non-SHIP students.