Where to Get Your Vaccines

Welcome to the UCI Campus! We at the Student Health Center would like to provide you with several options on where and how to receive the vaccines you need to meet your UCI Student Health Clearance Requirement,

UCI Student Health Center

We have ALL of the other vaccines you need to meet your UCI Campus Health
Clearance, Travel, Volunteer Activities or Work requirements.

Schedule an Appointment at the UCI Student Health Center:

  • Go online through your Student Health Patient Portal
  • Choose “Student Health Immunizations” and follow the Steps
  • Call (949) 824-5304


  • If you do not have UC SHIP, and are a registered student, you can still receive vaccines at the Student Health Center or a SHC vaccine clinic on campus
    • (i.e., flu and Covid) but you will be responsible for the fee, which will be billed to your ZOT account. You can then attempt to seek reimbursement from your outside (non-SHIP) plan. Please reach out to your outside health insurance plan for more details. For those non-SHIP students, other vendor vaccine clinics (i.e., Ralph’s, CVS, Walgreens, etc.) offer vaccination services but those respective clinics would determine eligibility based on your outside insurance plan.
  • If you do not have UC SHIP, and do not want to pay out of pocket, please contact your Insurance and Healthcare Provider
    • Many doctor’s offices offer vaccines for their patients, but appointments are usually required
  • The cost of the Meningococcal (Bexero) vaccine is $325 PER dose for Non-UC SHIP Students and there are 2 doses in the series, along with a $50 administration fee per dose.

  • The cost of HPV is $333 PER dose for Non-UC SHIP Students and there are 3 doses in the series, plus a $50 administration fee per dose.

Local Neighborhood Pharmacies

Most chain and independent pharmacies provide vaccines, and below is a list of those
located in the Irvine area. Appointments are often required.

1. Albertsons

 a. https://www.albertsons.com/vaccinations/home 

2. Ralphs

3. CVS

4. Rite Aid
    a. https://www.riteaid.com/pharmacy/services/vaccine-central

5. Walgreens

Orange County and Other Resources

City of Irvine

Orange County Health Care Agency

Other Vaccination Resources