Flu Vaccination Requirement

The University of California requires that all students receive a Flu vaccination on an annual basis or affirmatively decline (see below).


 1. Proof of Flu Vaccination or Declination for Covered Individuals. On or before December 1st each year, students who are living, learning, or working on campus or on premises at any University facility (“Covered Individuals”) must:

     (i) receive education concerning influenza vaccine; and

     (ii) receive or affirmatively decline influenza vaccination, as further described below. Exemptions are unnecessary and need not be requested since a student may decline the flu vaccination.

2. Vaccination

    (i) On-Site Vaccination: Vaccination on-site is available at any University location (e.g., UCI Student Health Center; UCI Health Clinics including Gottschalk Medical Plaza and other UCI affiliated clinics).

    (ii) Off-Site Vaccination: Students may receive a flu vaccination at numerous clinical sites located off-campus  (e.g., at a private health care provider’s office, local pharmacy, public health clinic, or during a vaccine fair). UCI Student Health Center is the Location Vaccine Authority for UCI students.

  • The potential benefits of influenza vaccination;
  • The potential health consequences of influenza illness for themselves, family members and other contacts, coworkers, patients, and the community, particularly during the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic;
  • Potential occupational exposure to influenza;
  • The epidemiology and modes of transmission, diagnosis, and nonvaccine infection control strategies (such as the use of appropriate precautions, personal protective equipment, and respiratory hygiene/cough etiquette), in accordance with their level of responsibility in preventing influenza infection related to their University appointment or program;
  • The safety profile and potential risks of any influenza vaccine offered; and
  • The University's Flu Vaccination Requirements.
  • Education may be conveyed through any combination of written information statements (e.g., a Vaccine Information Statement), verbal communications, or online or in-person training programs, consistent with applicable law and location policies and practices.

For detailed educational information regarding influenza, visit the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Influenza website here. Misinformation is often disseminated regarding the types of substances or additives used in vaccines in addition to their active ingredients. For detailed information regarding this topic, please visit the CDC webpage entitled What's in Vaccines? as well as the CDC's Vaccine Excipient Summary. The CDC Influenza Vaccine Information Statement can be found here

  • To meet the Seasonal Flu requirement, vaccines must be received on or after August 1st . Flu vaccinations from the prior flu season will NOT be considered.

  • Flu Vaccines are available through the Student Health Center, and students are encouraged to make an appointment online at the Student Health Patient Portal or call the SHC appointment line at 949-824-5304. There is no out-of-pocket cost for the flu vaccine for students who are covered by UC SHIP. For "non-SHIP" students, the cost is $40.00. There are additional fees if you receive other vaccines during the same visit.  "Non-SHIP" students who are enrolled in ACA-compliant health plans may be able to submit a claim for full reimbursement of charges related to preventative care services. "Non-SHIP" students enrolled in HMO, Medi-Cal, Medi-Cal HMO and similar plans (e.g., Kaiser, Sutter Health, Cal Optima, etc...) are unlikely to receive reimbursement and should always check with their plan before receiving ANY services ay Student Health Center.

Students who choose to decline influenza vaccination must complete and submit the Vaccine Declination Letter (CLICK HERE >>>  Flu Vaccination Declination Letter for AY 2024-25) on or before December 1st. Students should upload the Vaccine Declination Letter to the Student Health Patient Portal prior to the December 1st deadline.