LiveHealth Online – Behavioral Health

UC SHIP has partnered with UCI, Anthem and LiveHealthOnline (LHO) for online video appointments (telemedicine) with mental health professionals when the UCI Student Health Center is closed or when you’re simply away from campus. LHO is available to all UCI registered students.

Your UC SHIP plan makes seeing a doctor easy when the Student Health Center is not available to you (e.g., when SHC is closed; when you’re away from campus, or if you need to speak with a mental health professional regarding an urgent behavioral health condition and your schedule prevents you from scheduling an in-person appointment).

One of the primary reasons for offering LHO is to reduce unnecessary hospital emergency department and/or urgent care facility visits for certain conditions. LHO provides access to various levels of behavioral health providers including Licensed Clinical Social Workers (LCSW’s), Psychologists and Psychiatrists available through your phone, tablet or computer with internet access.

LHO is not intended to become a substitute for ongoing behavioral health care provided by clinicians at the Student Health Center


  • LiveHealth Online is available 24/7 including weekends and University holidays.


  • The co-pay for students with UC SHIP: $10.00 for behavioral health care sessions.
  • The cost for students who have health insurance other than UC SHIP:
  • $80.00 per visit/session for behavioral health services with a licensed clinical social worker.
  • $95.00 per visit/session for behavioral health services with a psychologist.
  • $175.00/$75.00 per visit/session for behavioral health services with a psychiatrist (initial consult/follow-up session respectively).

How to Access LiveHealth Online

Accessing LiveHealth Online is simple and easy:

  • Either go to LiveHealth Online or download the mobile app through Google Play or the App Store
  • Register using your UC SHIP Anthem ID number (without UC SHIP, just sign up without an insurance plan) 
    • ​For the question: "Do you have health insurance?" Select "Yes."
    • From the Health Plan drop-down, select "Anthem Blue Cross (CA)".
    • Enter your Subscriber ID.
    • Your Subscriber ID is found on your UC SHIP insurance card -- you can access this using the StudentHealth mobile app. Your subscriber ID will begin with the characters XDP.
    • For the question: "Are you the primary subscriber?" Select "Yes."
    • Click "Finish" and you will be directed to the UCI Student Health Center page for accessing LiveHealth Online sessions.
  • Access a doctor visit online.
  • Lastly, for the most effective coordination of your care, please select the option at the end of the LHO visit/session to send post-visit records to the UCI Student Health Center Health Information Department by fax: 949-824-3033 or email: .