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Immunization Requirements for Medical Students

Congratulations and Welcome to UC Irvine!

UCI's Student Health Center manages verification of and compliance with health requirements for incoming medical students on behalf of the School of Medicine. To comply with UC's immunization requirements, ALL incoming UC students, including medical students, are REQUIRED to obtain: 1) a COVID-19 vaccination and a booster shot; 2) a flu vaccination received after August 1st; 3) four (4) additional vaccines; and 4) undergo screening for Tuberculosis. Students may provide documentation demonstrating compliance with these requirements or obtain titers to demonstrate immunity. In addition to the UC requirements, the School of Medicine requires that medical students: a) undergo TB testing on or after July 1st of your incoming year; b) obtain the series of three (3) Hepatitis B vaccinations (or provide proof of immunity); and c) have obtained one dose of adult Tdap vaccine (Td if more than ten (10) years since last Tdap). 

Please visit the School of Medicine's webpage for incoming medical students here for detailed information.

Compliance Deadlines for New, Incoming Medical Students

TB Risk Screening and Immunizations (including COVID-19 vaccinations):

July 11, 2022: Deadline for 4 Vax + TB testing requirements for Incoming Medical Students  

June 20, 2022: Deadline for Incoming Prime-LC Medical Students.

July 11, 2022: Deadline for COVID-19 vaccinations - SOM. (Deadline is June 20, 2022 for PRIME-LC medical students.)

August 8, 2022: Final Deadline* for Incoming Medical Students for the 4 vax + TB testing requirements.

* A grace period for the 4 vax + TB testing requirements is allowed for incoming medical students who intend to have health insurance coverage through UC SHIP and who would like to obtain any titers and/or immunizations after the effective date of UC SHIP coverage. The effective date of coverage for incoming medical students is 8-1-2022. The effective date of UC SHIP coverage for "Summer Med-Returning LOA" medical students is 5-23-2022. The effective date of coverage for Summer "Prime-LC" medical students is 6-13-2022.

If you are covered by UC SHIP, all charges related to vaccinations, TB testing, titers and other services deemed to be "preventative care", then you’ll have no out-of-pocket fees. If you waive out of UC SHIP, then your ZOT account will be billed and you will need to submit a claim for reimbursement to your insurance carrier. 

In order to be in compliance, students must complete the TB Risk Screening Questionnaire; enter their vaccination dates; and upload their immunization records online through the Student Health Patient Portal. SHC will notify the School of Medicine once compliance has been verified. 

Please note these differences between the SOM health requirements and the UC mandated health requirements:

  • School of Medicine requires three (3) Hepatitis B immunizations (administered as a series) in addition to the UC required immunizations. Note that a positive quantitative Hep B Surface Antibody titer is also required.
  • UC requires Meningococcal Conjugate (MenACYW - One (1) dose on or after age 16 for all students who are ages 21 years or younger). Not required unless the incoming medical student is 21 years or younger.
  • TB Testing/Screening: SOM requires written proof of a negative two-step PPD or documentation, including lab results, of Interferon Gamma Release Assay (IGRA). In addition to SOM requirements, UC requires that you complete the online TB Screening Questionnaire.
  • SOM requires one dose of adult Tdap vaccine (Td if more than ten (10) years since last Tdap).


How To Comply With Your TB Screening and Immunization Requirements

These requirements are satisfied by: 1) Completing the Tuberculosis Screening Questionnaire online; 2) Entering your vaccination dates online; and 3) Scanning/uploading your immunization records online via the Student Health Patient Portal. Refer to the instructions below for completing these health requirements online.


  • Student Health Center does not accept printed copies of immunization records. You must logon to the Student Health Patient Portal and complete items #1, 2, 3 above to be considered compliant. You may be unable to start classes if non-compliant.
  • Please note that access to the Student Health Portal is activated when your status officially changes from "applicant" to "admitted student". Typically, access to the Student Health Portal for incoming medical students is activated during the 3rd to 4th week of May. All incoming medical students are encouraged to attempt to logon to the Student Health Portal on a regular basis starting on or around May 15th and thereafter in order to become compliant with these requirements as soon as possible. For problems logging onto this portal and/or activating your UCInetID, please contact the Office of Information Technology (OIT) help desk at 949-824-2222 or online at https://www.oit.uci.edu/.

For additional information regarding the UC TB Screening and Immunizations policy, please visit the https://shc.uci.edu/new-student-information/immunization-requirements page. If you experience problems related to uploading your records via the portal, please email shc-immunization@uci.edu or call 949-824-4348. You will receive a reply within 24-48 hours. This email address is intended for general inquiries. DO NOT SEND PROTECTED HEALTH INFORMATION (PHI) VIA UNSECURED EMAIL. Please use the Student Health Patient Portal for communications that contain PHI.