Frequently Asked Questions

Normal healthy gums do not bleed when brushed. Bleeding is a sign of inflammation. And this is due to the presence of local irritants; i.e., bacteria in plaque or tartar. Periodic professional cleanings are necessary at least twice per year to minimize the accumulation of these irritants. Daily maintenance at home with brushing and flossing using proper oral hygiene technique can keep the gums healthy.

Grinding and clenching of the teeth is usually stress and anxiety related. For students, it's especially pronounced during mid-terms and finals week.

A nightguard is a hard acrylic splint that covers the teeth of one arch. It therapeutically minimizes grinding and protects the teeth and jaw joint (TMJ) from the enormous pressure that can be exerted from grinding. It also provides relief of pressure on your facial muscles that may cause tenderness and pain.

A professionally made nightguard is made of stronger materials like hard acrylic. It is custom fit and adjusted to your own bite. Over the counter nightguards are typically a "one size fits all" product that are made from a "boil and mold" material. Grinding may be aggravated and pain worsen if not fitted correctly.

Brushing alone cannot reach in between the teeth. The plaque needs to be disrupted and removed daily; as plaque forms every 24 hours.

There are a number of things a person suffering from TMD can do on his own to alleviate painful symptoms. Please check out our website for helpful suggestions regarding at-home remedies. If those suggestions do not help then professional intervention might include splint therapy, occlusal equilibration, physical therapy, chiropractic care or even surgery.

  • A molded tray versus a plastic strip which conforms to your unique smile. This allows the appliance to stay on the teeth better thereby reducing slipping off the teeth. The trays also provide more coverage extending to the posterior teeth. OTC strips only cover the six front teeth.
  • Prescription strength whitening solution with 15% of active ingredient, more than double the amount of most over the counter whitening products (around 6%) resulting in faster and more effective results
  • Contains Sodium Fluoride in gel along with a de-sensitizer (Potassium Nitrate) to help with sensitivity and enamel protection- neither of which is included in over the counter materials.