Primary Care

The General Medical Clinic offers primary health care services to all registered UC Irvine students. Students may use the Student Health Center for medical services just as they would their regular doctor's office and/or urgent care center. Our facility is fully accredited, staffed by board-certified physicians, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, and nurses.

We provide a variety of primary health care services for students, including diagnosis and treatment of most acute and chronic disorders, management of injuries, as well as preventive health services that focuses on wellness, health promotion and maintenance and disease prevention. If you are not feeling well or just have a feeling that something may be wrong with your health, make an appointment to see one of our clinicians.

The General Medical Clinic regularly performs basic physical exams, exams required for participation in intercollegiate sports, the Educational Abroad Program, or for employment purposes. Depending upon the time of year, the wait time for physical exam appointments may be longer than average. If you need a physical exam or clearance for a special program, please plan ahead and schedule your appointment as early as possible.

If you have an urgent health problem, we will do our best to provide you with a same day appointment. In addition, you may choose to walk-in and see if a medical clinic or nurse triage clinic appointment slot is available at that time. If no appointments are available at SHC during normal hours of operation and your health problem is urgent or emergent, you will be referred to either a nearby urgent care center or hospital emergency room that is in the SHIP PPO network.